SQL Server Health Check

Our SQL Server Health Check

Our SQL Server Health Check is designed to ensure you get the most out of your database environments. We’ll take a deep-dive into your SQL Server configuration, infrastructure and workload, including:

  • Analysing and understanding your workload
  • Performance tuning
  • Security review
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Upgrades and migrations
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The SQL Server Health Check Process

Our SQL Server Health Check can be flexed to suit the specific requirements of your business. However, we typically follow the process outlined below.

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Our team of experienced, Microsoft-certified DBAs will meet with you, either in person or remotely, to discuss your SQL Server infrastructure in detail before we carry out the SQL Server Health Check. We’ll establish and understand:

  • The scope of your database infrastructure
  • The nature of your SQL server workload
  • What are your ‘pain-points’ and where you have concerns


We’ll take a deep-dive into the setup, configurate and performance of your SQL Servers to find out both what’s working well, and where improvements are needed. Please see the FAQ section below for further details on the information that we look at as part of this service.

In addition to any changes implemented during the SQL Server Health Check, we will also provide a full report detailing our findings and the proposed actions. This will include details of our short, medium, and long-term recommendations.


Once we’ve submitted the report of our findings for your review, we’ll work with you to prioritise the list of actions that we provided during the collect and analyse stage. We will then plan the implementation of the changes, working closely with your team (if applicable).

We can either implement the actions that we have suggested ourselves, or support your existing team in doing so. We’ll understand your SQL Server infrastructure, and can tailor the implementation around your priority workloads.

FAQs about our SQL Server Health Check


You need a SQL Server Health Check if:

  • You are looking to improve performance without simply spending more money on hardware and licensing
  • Users are complaining that systems are “running slow” and you suspect your database server is the cause
  • You are concerned that your disaster recovery plan isn’t up-to-scratch
  • You no longer have an in-house database administrator, or you want a fresh perspective in evaluating performance


As part of your SQL Server Health Check, we’ll take a deep-dive into your SQL Server and collect and analyse the following information:

  • Identifying and tuning of the most expensive queries
  • Analysis and tuning indexes
  • Analysing wait statistics
  • Analysing key performance statistics
  • Backups and disaster recovery health check
  • Identifying configuration issues
  • Security review
  • Identifying hardware bottlenecks
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Koderly is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and we’ve been providing database services and software solutions to enterprise-level organisations for the past 20 years. Our market-leading travel software is powered by Microsoft SQL Server, and that has enabled us to build up a wealth of experience in administrating and tuning SQL Server environments, where performance and scalability are critical.

Our SQL Server Health Check will take a deep-dive into your databases and identify optimisation opportunities, whilst our Database Administration service will help to ensure your databases remain performant and in good health!

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