Database Administration Services

SQL Server Database Administration Services

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Koderly have been providing SQL Server database administration services and software solutions to enterprise-level organisations for the past 20 years. Our expert team of certified database administrators are here to support your SQL Server infrastructure all year round. Our service typically includes:

  • Live monitoring
  • Daily maintenance
  • Regular performance tuning
  • Future capacity planning
  • Platform modernisation
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About our Database Administration Services

No two environments are the same. This is why our remote SQL Server database administration service can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, whether your SQL Server environment is on-premise, in the cloud (e.g. Azure SQL Database), or hybrid. Our experienced database administrators will usually perform these services remotely.

A typical implementation includes the following:

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  • Live SQL Server ‘health’ monitoring
  • Live monitoring of critical queries/routines
  • Daily maintenance jobs, including backups and corruption checks
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  • Performance tuning of your most expensive database queries
  • Analysis of wait statistics, checking for increased blocking and potential hardware bottlenecks
  • Capacity planning, including database growth trend analysis and hardware usage
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  • Testing of your database disaster recovery strategy
  • Long-term capacity planning


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Why choose Koderly

Koderly is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and we’ve been providing database services and software solutions to enterprise-level organisations for the past 20 years. Our market-leading travel software is powered by Microsoft SQL Server, and that has enabled us to build up a wealth of experience in administrating and tuning SQL Server environments, where performance and scalability are critical.

Our SQL Server Health Check will take a deep-dive into your databases and identify optimisation opportunities, whilst our Database Administration service will help to ensure your databases remain performant and in good health!

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