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Getting the most out of your SQL Server

If you’ve stumbled on this blog, then the likelihood is that SQL Server performance is pretty critical to your business. Whether you’re chiefly responsible for your organisation’s IT strategy, or a newly-appointed DBA needing to make an impact, the onus is on you to maximise the not-inconsiderable investment your organisation

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SQL Server – Hashing an Email Address

“When storing an email address in a SQL Server table, is it more performant to store it as a hashed value rather than plain text?” This question was asked by one of our Remote Database Administration clients, to much speculation around the (remote) office. So, let’s find out by generating

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Does SSRS Report Manager load slowly or is it me?

During my 13-year career, I’ve been involved in some pretty obscure software issues. One particular nightmare that springs to mind involved SQL Server Reporting Services 2014 (SSRS), which had our developers scratching their heads for days! During a deployment window, we found it increasingly difficult to deploy new/updated SSRS reports

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Why choose Koderly

Koderly is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and we’ve been providing database services and software solutions to enterprise-level organisations for the past 20 years. Our market-leading travel software is powered by Microsoft SQL Server, and that has enabled us to build up a wealth of experience in administrating and tuning SQL Server environments, where performance and scalability are critical.

Our SQL Server Health Check will take a deep-dive into your databases and identify optimisation opportunities, whilst our Database Administration service will help to ensure your databases remain performant and in good health!

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