Sustainability Policy

Koderly is working towards a sustainable future, and we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and continuing our journey to becoming a net zero business.

We are committed to sustainable procurement and meeting the business needs for materials, goods, utilities, and services in an environmentally friendly, responsible, and ethical way. 


  • Continuously improve our environmental performance and follow best practice
  • Explore and implement ways to reduce our consumption of resources and improve efficiency in how we use these resources
  • Manage and recycle business waste with the aim of reducing, reusing, and recycling where possible.
  • Prevent unnecessary pollution
  • Implement and follow a sustainable procurement policy, where possible, for goods and services

Actions Taken

  • Added a 36KW Solar PV system to the roof of our office, creating a renewable energy source
  • Removed all electric heaters from the areas of the office that can be heated using more environmentally friendly methods (such as air conditioning)
  • Installed energy-saving LED lighting throughout the office
  • Reduced the number of on-premises servers from six to two, reducing energy consumption
  • Added motion sensors to the lights in all communal areas in our building
  • Moved all documentation and processes online, reducing paper consumption
  • Reduced plastic waste by replacing single-use plastic water bottles with refillable alternatives
  • Donating old office equipment and furniture to local schools and charities
  • We joined the Zellar sustainability platform to measure our current performance and create a tangible action plan
  • Returned our company car
  • Increased home working, reducing vehicle emissions and energy consumption in the office
  • Appointed a sustainability champion who is responsible for the continual improvement of our sustainability performance
  • Adding a recurring sustainability agenda item to our quarterly Stewardship Council meetings
  • Encouraging employees to cycle to work with our Cycle to Work scheme, safe bike storage, and on-site showers

Future actions to take

  • Discussing sustainability and environmental impact during our quarterly Stewardship Council Meetings
  • Communicating internally and externally our environmental policy and encourage feedback
  • Communicating the importance of environmental issues to our employees
  • Working with partners and suppliers to promote our commitment towards improving our environmental performance
  • Reviewing our sustainability policy regularly
  • Investing in certified carbon offset projects to reduce the carbon impact we are not able to eliminate
  • Investing in biodiversity projects / environmental charities
  • Reviewing an energy efficiency checklist quarterly to help drive down energy consumption