Travel Technology

Join market-leading brands using our travel technology to process millions of bookings every year.


Automate key processes and increase efficiency in your business with our bespoke software and services.

Test Management

Plan, manage, track, and audit your functional software testing and QA process, all from one single, easy to use, platform.

We are a software development and services company in Manchester.

We’re passionate about technology and making it work for your business.

Koderly designs, develops, supports and enhances software systems, automating critical business processes and managing evolving and complex business needs.

Our bespoke software solutions and services are adaptable, flexible, scalable and robust.

Recent Blogs

3 Challenges with Cloud Migration

The advantages of hosting software systems in the cloud have been widely discussed, with an increasing number of businesses choosing to migrate to cloud hosts such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. The cloud offers flexibility, reliability, and scalability, allowing you to effectively support your users/customers around the clock.    However,...

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