Travel Technology

Join market-leading brands using our travel technology to process millions of bookings every year.

Software and Services

Automate key processes and increase efficiency in your business with our bespoke software and services.

About Us

We’re Manchester-based and values-led, with 20+ years’ experience of implementing enterprise software solutions.

We are a software development and services company in Manchester.

We’re passionate about technology and making it work for your business.

Koderly designs, develops, supports and enhances software systems, automating critical business processes and managing evolving and complex business needs.

Our bespoke software solutions and services are adaptable, flexible, scalable and robust.

Recent Blogs

How to Create a UX Mock-up

A User Experience (UX) mock-up is a high-profile visualisation of an app, website, or design, that is used to demonstrate the basic functionality and information/content structure.   In the UX and User Interface (UI) design process,...

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