Receive SQL Server database support, all-year-round

SQL Server Emergency Support

We'll resolve critical performance and availability issues, to ensure that your business is running smoothly.

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SQL Server Health Check

We’ll take a deep-dive into your SQL Server to understand your infrastructure and workload.

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Remote Database Administration

We'll continuously monitor, maintain and optimise your database environment. 

Image showing how Koderly can support your business with a SQL Server Health Check.

Why choose Koderly?

Koderly is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and our team of UK-based, certified SQL Server experts have been providing database services to enterprise-level organisations for 22+ years. We are renowned for our knowledge, expertise, and excellent customer service. Our market-leading travel technology is powered by Microsoft SQL Server, and we’ve built up a wealth of experience in administrating and tuning SQL Server environments, where performance and scalability are critical.

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