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If you need to solve a problem or digitise a process, we’ll develop an application that fits your needs.

We’ll work closely with you and your team, to make sure that we meet your specific business needs, and develop an application or system that you, your users, and your customers will love. 

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We’ve been providing support services to businesses for 23+ years, so we’ll make sure that you receive the help you need, when you need it.

Your application will be cutting-edge, responsive, and optimised, so that you can stand out amongst your competitors.

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Become a leader, not a follower. We'll develop software for you that's completely unique

Our development experience covers the full application stack, incorporating modern platforms including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, alongside on-premises and Windows-based solutions.

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Your software development process

We’ll tailor our approach to suit your needs and how you like to work, and we’ve summarised the most common methodologies below. 

Agile model

The agile approach to software development is iterative and collaborative. We’ll break down your project into smaller, manageable cycles (or sprints). Each sprint will build on the previous iteration, focussing on continuous feedback and improvement, so that we can make sure the software meets your needs.

Why you may use the Agile model

Agile development encourages transparency and communication among team members, stakeholders, and customers.

Agile development allows for the delivery of working software in smaller increments or sprints, resulting in faster time-to-market.

Agile development promotes collaboration and teamwork, allowing for better communication and knowledge sharing among team members.

Agile development is flexible and adaptable, allowing teams to quickly respond to changing requirements and feedback.


Requirements gathering

We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and define the scope of the project, so that we can help you to identify and prioritise the features and functionality for the product backlog.

Sprint planning

Our sprints normally last two weeks. At the beginning of each sprint we’ll select items from the product backlog and plan how to implement the features and functionality.

Development and testing

We’ll start developing and testing the selected features and functionality, tracking progress on a Kanban board and communicating with you throughout each sprint.

Collaboration is key, and that is why our team meets regularly to discuss progress.


At the end of each sprint, we’ll deploy the changes so that you can conduct user acceptance testing, verify the solution, and provide feedback. Rapid feedback loops help to define new requirements for the upcoming sprints.

Waterfall model

The waterfall approach to software development follows a path through pre-defined phases which are completed sequentially. As the waterfall model relies on accurate and comprehensive documentation, we’ll define the entire scope and requirements of the project before development starts.

Why you may use the Waterfall model

The Waterfall model follows a sequential, methodical process which is simple and easy to understand and is suited to smaller projects with easily defined deliverables.

The Waterfall model requires strong and clear documentation which determines the end goal and acceptance criteria.

The Waterfall model has a predictable timeline, making it easier to plan resources and schedules.

The Waterfall model provides complete transparency over the timeline, progress, and project costs, which can be fixed once the documentation is agreed.


Requirements gathering

We’ll work closely with your team to understand and document your requirements and the solution. We’ll define the technical details and may use process flow diagrams and prototypes to help you to visualise the product.


Our development and project management team will work together to define timelines, resources, and provide a fixed cost for the work.

Development and testing

We’ll start developing the software based on the approved documentation, and communicate with you throughout development and testing, to keep you updated on progress.


We’ll deploy the software to your non-production environment so that you can complete user acceptance testing, verify the solution, and provide feedback, before deploying the solution to your production environment.

Consultative approach

The consultancy approach lets you quickly add extra resource to your internal development team to speed up progress on key projects.

Why you may use the Consultative approach

The consultative approach offers complete flexibility so that you can use the resources as needed.

The consultative approach allows you to add resources and technical expertise quickly, speeding up projects.

The consultative approach focuses on developing a long-term working relationship, with the developer and business analyst becoming a trusted extension of your team.


Consultative approach

We’ll work closely with your stakeholders to understand your challenges, requirements, and agree an approach and solution.


We’ll dedicate resource to your project based on the approach, working with and supporting your team through all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Software development, so you can gain a competitive advantage.

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Koderly is a Microsoft Partner, and we’ve been developing cutting-edge bespoke software for enterprise-level organisations and market-leading brands for 22+ years. We are renowned for our knowledge, expertise, and excellent customer service.