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No matter the system, we'll seamlessly migrate your data

Data is the new currency, and getting your data to the right location in a secure and efficient manner is critical. Our custom ETL processes will cleanse, transform, and integrate your business-critical data into your target data store for analysis and reporting.

We’ll make your data secure by copying it to the cloud

Increasingly, businesses are looking to make their data securely available in the cloud. As part of our bespoke ETL service, we’ll build you a process that will copy or stream your data to cloud services for storage, transformation, analysis, and reporting.

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Custom ETL process

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ETL services that have been used by market-leading brands

We recently helped a world-leading developer of energy solutions to replicate a subset of their critical data from an on-premises SQL Server to the Azure SQL database, where it is further processed via down-stream services. 

Take advantage of new features and security enhancements, and improve performance

Join market-leading brands by migrating production and non-production environments to newer versions of SQL Server to provide new features, security enhancements, and performance benefits, whilst minimising disruption and downtime.  

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ETL Services in Manchester - Extract Case Study - Icon showing data being extracted and combined into a different data source

Clean, transform and make sense of your data

We helped a client combine and surface data from multiple data sources. We provided a single view of data that was easily consumable, and in a format that could be easily understood and processed in the organisation.

Migrate your data with our bespoke ETL services.

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Why choose our custom ETL Services?

Koderly is a Microsoft Partner, and we’ve been developing cutting-edge bespoke software for enterprise-level organisations and market-leading brands for 22+ years. We are renowned for our knowledge, expertise, and excellent customer service.