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The best cloud-native test management tool in the UK, for QA managers, testers, and developers

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Easily plan, track, and audit your functional software testing and QA processes

Use dynamic testing templates to improve quality and enhance user experience, all from one single location.

Qucate - test management tool for functional software testing. Image showing screenshot of trends on a graph
Dashboard screenshot showing recent activity, projects and results, to help you with your software testing in Qucate, our test management platform.

A test management platform that adapts with your testing process

Evolve your test plan templates over time and use them on multiple test runs, reducing set-up time and speeding up your software testing.

Improving reporting and visibility of your functional software testing metrics

We’ll provide all the information you need to help you plan and coordinate your software testing, even when testing complex deliverables.

Detailed Reports in our Test Management Tool

Types of software testing

The Qucate test management tool optimises software testing at every stage of the process, and can be used for all types of software testing, including:

A test management tool that will improve collaboration in your software testing teams

Connecting QA managers, testers, and developers, so that you can speed up your software testing process.

Test Management Collaboration
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