System Support and Development

Case Study

The client is a leading high court enforcement office, that specialises in the enforcement of judgement debt and regaining control of property and assets


The client reached out to Koderly to provide on-going software development, support, business analysis and project management services to help them support and enhance their internally developed software. Further, the client was keen to implement industry best practises and processes.


Based off the customers requirement, we formed an internal team, consisting of a business analyst and two senior developers.

We worked with the client to understand their internally developed bespoke systems and current processes so that we could implement changes that would benefit their business.

Firstly, we implemented source control for the codebases. Historically changes made to their systems had been ad-hoc, and with no revision history. Leveraging the use of Azure DevOps, we moved the entire codebase to Git repositories.

We identified that the client did not have an adequate testing environment setup, and the environment used for testing contained sensitive information which limited the testing that could be conducted. For this reason, we setup a new User Acceptance Testing environment, which mimics all the functionality of the production system, albeit utilising a sanitised database and test data.

We implemented new development processes, using the agile software development methodology and we conduct frequent sprint planning, backlog refinement, requirement gathering, release planning and sprint retrospective meetings to ensure that our team and the client work closely together, and everyone is informed on the work being progressed.

Working with the client, we prioritise a backlog of refined work items for each sprint, whilst additionally gathering requirements on unrefined work items so that they’re ready to be picked up for development in future sprints. Work items may include development of new features and enhancements, or investigations into issues and bugs.


The client has expressed that they are happy with our project management and understanding of their business and processes.

The enhancements and stability that working with Koderly has brought to the client’s bespoke systems will help enhance their offering to employees and enforcement officers, improving productivity and reducing frustration.

“They are very clear with their approach and what they are doing, combined with great knowledge and skill which results in a strong combination”

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