Mail Logger Microservice

Case Study

The client is a market-leading travel brand operating in the self-catering accommodation sector, with over 90k managed properties in 36 countries, and processing millions of bookings every year


The client used Microsoft Word Mail-Merge in conjunction with data extracts from their booking platform to send booking-related emails and notifications to their customers.

The client didn’t have visibility of these emails within their booking platform, and needed a solution that would allow them to attach emails to a booking record.


We worked closely with the client to document their requirements before identifying and developing a solution. We followed the Waterfall model, documenting the requirements and solution in advance, and providing a fixed quote for the work.

We developed a solution using a new .NET microservice, which connects to the client’s mail server, and scans mailboxes for relevant emails on a configurable schedule.

As the client was in process of migrating from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 to Microsoft 365, and running in a hybrid state, we made sure that the new microservice integrated with both instances of the mail server.

Working with the client, we also identified and implemented enhancements to the client’s existing mail merge process.


The solution improved customer service and reduced the average handling time (AHT) for contact centre enquiries.

The solution also offered flexibility, allowing the client to configure the identifiers for record references and the frequency of mail server scans.

We continue to offer support and customisation opportunities to the customer.

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