5 Advantages of Working with a Software Development Company

Are you looking to automate key processes, increase development resource, or build an application? You may be looking for a software development company who will get to know your organisation, processes, and needs, and can help you to solve your specific business problem or gain a competitive advantage.

At Koderly, we’ll work with you through the entire software development lifecycle, and with 22+ years’ experience providing enterprise technology solutions to market-leading brands, our customer support and expertise are second-to-none.

Here are 5 advantages of hiring a software development company for your project.

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1. Reliability

Software development companies want to deliver high-quality software that meets your needs. Given that they have experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

At Koderly, we’ll provide business analysts, software engineers, and testers as we make our way through the software development life cycle, and progress from one milestone to the next.

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2. Scale and speed

You can build a team or add resource quickly, avoiding the headache of recruiting, employing, and training an internal team. Software development companies have industry experts waiting to pick up your project.

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3. Cost efficiency

When working with a software development company you’re only committing to the cost of the specific project. Once the work is done, the project costs stop, unlike when you employ an internal team.

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4. Expertise

Software development companies deliver solutions all day, every day, and are therefore subject matter experts. If you work with a collaborative software development company (like us!), they will make sure that all stakeholders contribute to the project and solution, providing with you with the best possible outcome.

A well-balanced software development company can offer a range of skills across a variety of technologies and development languages to suit your specific requirements.

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5. Customer support

Software companies want to work closely with you to build a long-lasting partnership, where you both prosper. Because of this, they’ll become an extended member of your team, and offer support whenever you need it (even on weekends!).

Who needs to hire a software development company?

A good software partner doesn’t just deliver a product and disappear, they’ll work with you to help you make the most of your system, and support you if you have any questions or need to add some features.

Here are the businesses that will benefit from hiring a software development company.

Businesses that want to save time and money by automating key processes or repetitive tasks

We all follow business processes or complete repetitive tasks that take up a lot of valuable time and resources. These could easily be automated by creating an application, system, or workflow, or integrating with a third-party tool. 

Businesses that have legacy systems

If you have an internal legacy system, which is business-critical but needs a bit of TLC, a software company can help you by supporting, maintaining, and updating it, maximising your original ROI and giving you the confidence and peace-of-mind to operate your business.

Businesses that want an application to meet specific needs

If you need an application or system to solve a specific problem, and an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t meet your needs, or you have unique and complex processes that give you a competitive advantage but you don’t have an internal development team, you may need to work with a software company to build a bespoke application.


If you have an idea in your mind, and now need to see your project come to life, but you’re not sure how, you may need to work with a software development company. An external software development company will have the expertise to develop your application and offer continued support as your start up scales.

At Koderly, we develop software to meet your specific business needs, focusing on enterprise-grade, web-based and cloud-native applications, digital transformation, and data migration. If you’d like to know more, visit our software development page or contact us.   

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