Unique Discount Code Enhancement

Case Study

The client has been established for over 120 years and is a market-leading travel brand operating in the self-catering accommodation sector, with over 700k members and more than 100 sites across the UK.


The client required an enhancement to their travel booking system, to generate unique discount codes for use in web and email marketing campaigns. The client required the codes to be exported in an agreed format for the client’s marketing team to use in conjunction with a third-party system for code distribution.

The client also needed functionality to track usage and to report on the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.


We worked closely with the client and third-party system supplier to understand and document their requirements and the proposed solution, closely following the Waterfall model.  

The Waterfall model allowed the third-party supplier to quickly start working on the solution as the data structures were agreed in the specification in advance.

We implemented functionality in the client’s travel booking system to generate unique discount codes based on existing booking and availability rules and values.

The existing discount code redemption functionality was modified to allow unique discount codes to be used in addition to existing codes.


By developing this solution, the client improved their marketing outreach and booking conversion rate with enhanced customer group targeting, without the risk of discount codes being re-used.

By enhancing the existing discount redemption functionality, we reduced the development effort, delivered the solution quickly, and avoided any additional training requirements for the customer.

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