Technical BA Consultancy

The client has been established for over 50 years and is the leading UK company specialising in escorted rail holidays


The client wanted to undertake a review of its customer-facing documentation, including emails, to make them more defined, improve tone of voice, and make them visually-appealing.

As we have a team of technical BAs, the client requested consultancy time to support its team in documenting the changes.

The client wanted to complete the review in a phased approach.

The client also required guidance on the capacity of its internal systems and needed support implementing the changes. 


We met with the client to discuss the timeframe and scope of the project, and worked closely with the client to understand their internal systems, documenting all requirements in a specification.

Once the specification was approved, we carried out the development work and updated the client’s source-control.

As part of the consultancy process, we provided a flexible approach of on-site support and remote working. We worked with the client to create test plans for the finished documents.


The project improved customer experience and the quality of communications, resulting in fewer calls and queries about existing bookings in the call centre.

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