Stripe Utility

Case Study

The client is an award-winning property management company, specialising in Build to Rent, Private Rented, and Leasehold Management


The client is transitioning their direct debit mandates from GoCardless to Stripe, and required aid in creating a utility to initiate payment collections.


We worked with the client to gather and document both the functional and non-functional requirements.

We made sure that the utility was able to parse a CSV file, which contained the payment information, and initiate the payment with Stripe for each record, using the PaymentIntent API.

We included functionality that would allow the utility to schedule the creation of PaymentIntents for future collection, which isn’t provided by Stripe itself. This made sure that it had capabilities of persisting payment details.

As the client trades under multiple brands, we made sure that the utility was configurable to allow the client to specify API keys for multiple Stripe accounts, with the ability to select which Stripe account was intended to be utilised.

After meeting all the requirements, we developed two applications, a CLI utility which would parse and validate the contents of the CSV file and persist each record to a SQLite database, and a scheduling service which would retrieve payment details and create the corresponding PaymentIntents via the Stripe API.


The client was very happy with the process and support provided by Koderly.

The Stripe Utility allows the customer to easily schedule direct debit collections ahead of time, knowing that the payments will be collected on the required date.

“The process has been incredibly smooth, and it has been a pleasure to work with Koderly.”

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