SQL Server Replication

Case Study

The client is a world-leading developer of clean, sustainable energy solutions


The client had a significant amount of data stored in an on-premises SQL Server database, and they needed to make a subset of this available in Microsoft Azure, for processing via down-stream services, such as Azure Databricks.

The client required a low-cost and low-maintenance solution, with no disruption to their business-critical manufacturing system.


We were contacted by the client to provide SQL Server consultancy, as we have many years of experience providing database services to medium and large enterprises.   After evaluating several possible approaches against the client’s requirements, we implemented SQL Server Replication. We chose this solution because:

  • It allows fine-control over what data is synchronised
  • It is a reliable and well-understood technology
  • The target database is not read-only, meaning that it can be optimised for a specific workload, without impacting the source database
  • Transactional consistency is guaranteed
  • There is a very low performance impact on the source database
  • The implementation cost is low

We were able to quickly implement the solution in a development environment. The client was then able to test it and confirm it met their expectations. Shortly after, the solution was implemented in the production environment.


The client received a solution that was achieved with no downtime, and no impact on the client’s critical systems.

We continue to partner with the client to provide SQL Server Database Administration services, whilst also providing consultancy on data-migration and other technical projects.  

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