Point-of-sale system - case study

The client has been established for over 120 years and is a market-leading travel brand operating in the self-catering accommodation sector, with over 700k members and more than 100 sites across the UK


The client required a flexible and integrated point-of-sale (POS) system to allow them to sell items on site, such as tourist guides, gift vouchers, and regalia, and link these items to a client booking.


We worked closely with the client and third-party system supplier to document their requirements before identifying and developing a solution. We followed the Waterfall model, documenting the requirements and solution in advance, and providing a fixed quote for the work.

We created a fully integrated POS system, that could be accessed through their booking platform or as a standalone application. Leveraging the power of Babel Direct, we were able to reuse existing business logic, whilst exposing a JSON REST API that could be consumed by the POS front-end.

To make the front-end accessible with desktop PCs, thin-clients, and mobile devices, we opted to utilise Bootstrap as a CSS framework, which provided a responsive and modern user interface.


The POS system allowed the customer to increase revenue through onsite sales, and improved data capture by linking these sales to the client record.