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Functional testing and test plan management software.

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Test management software

Enhance the quality of your software solutions using Qucate, an accessible and dynamic test management platform that allows you to start testing your software with ease.

Qucate lets you plan, track, and audit your functional software testing and quality assurance processes from one single location.

What is Qucate?

Qucate is a test management platform that provides a holistic view of your testing process, allowing you to easily identify trends to improve quality and enhance user experience.

Use workflows and testing templates to streamline your software testing process, improving the quality of your functional software. 

Qucate improves reporting and visibility of testing metrics and trends, providing critical information to help with planning and coordination, even when testing complex deliverables.

Dashboard screenshot of our test management platform, Qucate, showing the test runs and testing metrics.
Image showing how you can start testing software in Qucate. This is how a test case, test run, and test plan fit together.

An introduction to test management tools

Registration is quick and easy, with an in-depth guided tour to introduce each stage of the software testing process.

To help you understand the testing process in Qucate, we’ve explained some key concepts below. 

Test case

Test cases are a set of actions that have an expected outcome. The instructions detailed within test cases validate that a piece of software is doing its job.

Test run

A test run consists of many test cases, and may relate to a specific product, feature, or area of functionality. Test run templates can be created in Qucate to speed up the software testing process. A test run template includes a predefined set of test cases.

Test plan

A test plan is similar to a workflow and consists of multiple test runs. Test plan templates can be created in Qucate to speed up the software testing process. A test plan template includes a predefined set of test runs. 

Types of software testing

The Qucate test management tool optimises software testing at every stage of the process, and can be used for all types of software testing, including:

Unit testing
A unit is the smallest testable component of an application, such as a field or button. Unit testing validates that each software component works or behaves as expected.
Acceptance testing
Acceptance testing verifies that the whole product, application, or new component works as intended. A component could be a new form or a change to an existing process.
Integration testing
Integration testing makes sure that software components or functions interact as expected. This is particularly important when working with third-party APIs and may relate to capturing data or processing a payment.
Functional testing
Functional testing establishes whether software performs as a user would reasonably expect.
Regression testing
Regression testing involves running software tests to ensure previously developed core functionality still works as expected after recent changes. If the program doesn’t run correctly, it will have regressed and will need fixing.
QA testing
Quality assurance testing (QA testing) ensures software operates without bugs and/or malfunctions. Each malfunction will be identified by a test case and issues must be fixed until there are no more bugs.
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API testing
The API links all of the systems needed for your software to function correctly. It is usually tested after software development to ensure that everything is working as intended. API testing is similar to unit testing, in that it is tested at code level.
Performance testing
Performance testing assesses the stability and responsiveness of a system. It makes sure the software works under the expected load and provides a reliable user experience.
UI testing
UI testing is intended to closely resemble a typical user experience. It ensures that the final product a users interacts with functions as intended.
Smoke testing
Smoke testing verifies that all the critical features of a product work as expected. Basic smoke tests may include checking whether the programme loads and a user can log in.
Security testing
Security testing inspects software for known vulnerabilities to make sure they can’t be exploited by hackers.

Improve your software testing efficiency

Connect your key stakeholders, including testing and QA teams, and speed up your functional testing process, with our comprehensive test management platform.

Create dynamic test plan templates and test run templates to speed up the software testing process.

Collaborate on the planning and management of test plans, while retaining control over user permissions and auditing of test plans, templates, and test runs. 

Dashboard screenshot showing comments against a test plan in Qucate, our test management software.

Benefits of using our test management software


Qucate is an intuitive, user-friendly, and cloud-native test management tool that encourages a methodical and systematic approach to the testing of functional software systems. Qucate allows your team to define and create comprehensive and structured test plans.


Qucate allows you to create and maintain testing templates for your specific software components or products. Dynamic testing templates evolve over time, improving the quality of your testing and functional software systems.


Qucate offers comprehensive auditing, allowing you to analyse your testing data and identify trends to improve accountability and identify training opportunities. Fully audited test plans will enhance compliance, visibility, and transparency.


Connect internal and external stakeholders and streamline your test management process, using Qucate’s native workflows.

Collaboration between stakeholders is available at every stage of the testing process, with users able to comment on test plans, test runs and test cases.


Developed and supported in the UK, Qucate is built by developers of functional software systems for developers of functional software systems, and we use Qucate every day! Archiving functionality also ensures test cases are always accessible, and prevents testing data from being accidentally deleted.

Dashboard screenshot showing recent activity, projects and results, to help you with your software testing in Qucate, our test management platform.

What can Qucate measure?

Plan, manage, and track your software testing from an accessible digital portal. Qucate streamlines both simple and complex test management processes, and will report on:

  • Test plan insights, including summary of all test runs.
  • Test run insights, including a summary of all test cases.
  • Test result insights, including the number of passed and failed test cases, blocked tests cases, test cases that need a re-test, and test cases that haven’t started.

Each metric can be used to improve test management and efficiency.

Pricing of our test management tool

No hidden costs. No paid extras.

Our simple and flexible licencing model makes sure that you only pay for the users you need.


  • No fixed term contract, cancel at any time
  • UK-based support
  • Extensive onboarding tutorials
  • Test cases, test runs, and test plans
  • Unlimited projects
  • Cloud-native
  • Dashboard and insights
  • Test case archiving


£ 25 per user / per month (exc VAT)
  • 30-day free trial
  • No credit card details required
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