Test Management

Enhancing the quality of your functional software solutions.

Plan, manage, track, and audit your functional software testing and QA process, all from one single, easy to use, platform.

Qucate is a test management platform for functional software systems.

Qucate provides a holistic view of your testing process, allowing you to easily identify trends to improve quality.

Utilise workflows and testing templates to automate your software testing process, improving the quality of your functional software solutions, and speeding up the testing process.

Qucate will improve reporting and visibility of testing metrics and trends, providing critical information to help with planning and coordination when testing complex software deliverables.

Qucate will enforce the testing process, specifically:

Regression Testing

Functional Testing

QA Testing

Connect your key stakeholders, and speed up your functional testing process, with our test management platform.

Qucate will ensure that your software testing process is comprehensive and runs smoothly, allowing you to create dynamic test plans, test runs, and test templates.

Qucate will improve collaboration between key stakeholders, connecting your testing and QA teams, speeding up the iteration process and improving quality.

Invite key stakeholders to collaborate on the planning and management of test plans, whilst retaining control over user permissions, and auditing test plans, templates, and test runs.  

Benefits of using our test management platform


Qucate is intuitive, user-friendly, and cloud-native. Qucate encourages a methodical and systematic approach to the testing of functional software systems, allowing your team to define and create comprehensive and structured test plans.


Qucate allows you to create and maintain testing templates for your specific software components or products. Dynamic testing templates evolve over time, improving the quality of your testing and functional software systems.


Qucate offers comprehensive auditing allowing you to analyse your testing data and identify trends to improve accountability.


Connect internal and external stakeholders and automate your testing management process using Qucate’s native workflows. 

Qucate - Functional Testing and Test Management Platform

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