Database Administration

Case Study

The client is a world-leading developer of clean, sustainable energy solutions


The client uses a business-critical Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with a Microsoft SQL Server database. As the business grew, users were increasingly reporting performance issues and deadlocks with the application and database.

The client had been unable to resolve these problems directly with the software vendor. Furthermore, the client planned on synchronising a large set of their data critical data to the cloud, and were concerned that this would only exacerbate the reliability issues.

The client engaged Koderly to provide Microsoft SQL Server consultancy, as we have significant experience of supporting high-throughput OLTP environments.


We performed a comprehensive SQL Server Health Check, which involved a full review of the client’s SQL Server environment.

We produced a detailed report which contained a list of short, medium, and long-term recommendations, and created a set of baseline performance statistics, which would be used as a basis for throughput analysis and capacity planning.

Following completion of the SQL Server Health Check, the client requested ongoing help with the administration and maintenance of the databases.

We tailored our DBA service to the client to meet their needs, which includes a comprehensive set of daily, weekly, and quarterly checks, focusing on performance checks, such as index tuning, as well as maintenance checks, such as backups and data security.


We continue to partner with the client to provide SQL Server Database Administration services, whilst also providing consultancy on data-migration and other technical projects.

We also provide live monitoring 363-days a year, which alert our team of experienced database administrators to live incidents, so we can investigate and resolve issues before they impact end users.

Our evidence-backed reports help the client with their future capacity planning, allowing them to act before hardware bottlenecks emerge.

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