Data Access for BI Reporting

Case Study

The client is an international manufacturer and distributor of home appliance products


The client required access to their customer contact management system for Business Intelligence (BI) reporting via Power BI.

The client also required the flexibility for their internal development team to amend and expand on the solution.


We worked closely with the client and third-party system supplier to document their requirements before identifying and developing a solution. We followed the Waterfall model, documenting the requirements and solution in advance, and providing a fixed quote for the work.

We created a new ASP.NET web service to run within the client’s infrastructure. The data was sent from their customer contact management system (CMS) in JSON format and stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

For the service, we utilised Entity Framework as the Object Relational Mapper (ORM) to simplify the mapping of objects between the service and database.


By having access to the requested data, the client has improved customer experience and reporting, with the ability to make further amendments in-house.

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