Qucate Feature Updates – Integrations and Multi-Step Cases

We’ve released some exciting new features to our test management tool, Qucate.

The new features will allow users to integrate with case management tools, and provide better user experience with multi-step test cases.

Case management integrations

Jira Software - Case Management Integration - Feature Update - Test Management Tool
FogBugz Logo - Case Management Integration - Feature Update - Test Management Tool
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Qucate will now allow users to integrate with their favourite case management tool. Whether you use FogBugz, Jira, or Trello, you’ll now be able to pull information from your case management tool directly into Qucate.

You can add tags and references to your test cases and test plans, which will allow you to easily track defects and access case information.

The new functionality provides better usability and creates a direct link between Qucate and your case management tools.

New integrations will be coming soon, so watch this space!

Multi-step test cases

New Feature Update for Test Management Tool - Multi-Step Test Cases Screenshot

Easily define your test steps with multi-step test case functionality.

Qucate will now allow you to format your test steps in a checklist, so that you can check off your steps as you complete them.

Qucate will save your progress, even when you haven’t passed or failed your test case, so those pesky coffee breaks or unplanned phone calls won’t make you forget where you left off!

You can decide whether you want to use the new multi-step functionality or whether you want to use a rich text box to define your test steps.

Sign up at qucate.com for your 90-day free trial, or head to our test management page for more information. 

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