We’re Moving!

We have some exciting news!

We recently sold our 5,000 sq. ft. office building at Oldham Mumps to move to Clockwise, at Linley House close to St. Peter’s Square, after working closely with Level Workspace to source suitable serviced office spaces in central Manchester. The move will provide us with even more flexibility as we transition to remote-first working and continue to offer flexible working hours. 

Chief Executive, Craig Kennedy, said: We’re excited by the move which will enhance our remote and flexible working practices and benefit our colleagues. In particular, we’re looking forward to being closer to our Manchester-based clients and the wider GM business community. We were impressed by the office space and amenities at Clockwise, and the location truly represents an office as a destination for our team.

Level’s Managing Director, Joe Averill, said: “It’s fantastic to see Koderly selecting Manchester for their new base—a prime location known for its vibrant community and rich pool of talent. Clockwise is recognised for their exceptional service levels, making this a perfect match. The flight to quality in office spaces like Clockwise highlights the value they bring to companies looking for top-tier amenities and community engagement.”

Clockwise’s Assistant Manager, Matt Dixon, said: “We are pleased to welcome Koderly to Clockwise Manchester and feel it is a testament to our commitment to providing dynamic and adaptable workspaces for innovative companies. We are excited to support their growth and success in an environment designed to inspire and foster creativity.”

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Rebecca Lawton

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