5 Websites Where you can Learn to Code for Free

We’re passionate about software development, training, diversity, and innovation. Here are 5 websites where you can learn to code for FREE to start a new career in software development.


Earn free verified certifications with FreeCodeCamp. The courses are beginner-friendly, and they claim 40,000 people have worked in development-related jobs after completing their courses. The courses are fairly lengthy, at around 300 hours per topic, but it’s well worth the time to help you on your way to a future career. FreeCodeCamp also has a YouTube channel which includes tutorials and crash courses.

5 Websites Where you Can Learn to Code for Free - FreeCodeCamp


With over 155,000 (paid and free) online video courses, you can start learning development today, with Udemy. There’s a variety of free resources, whether you want to start with design or jump straight into development. You can filter the courses by level, price, and video duration, to make sure you’re starting where you need to.

5 Websites Where you Can Learn to Code for Free - Udemy


Code.org has courses for all ages and levels. You can start learning a full-length course or try out hour-long tutorials, all whilst in your own home. They even have an option for you to find your own local computer science class.

5 Websites Where you Can Learn to Code for Free - Code.org


Codecademy offers something for everyone, with a catalogue of resources which can be filtered by programming language or subject. The free version offers basic courses, and you can sign up to a 7-day free trial of the pro version if you want to cover any more advanced topics.

Codecademy offer courses that can either focus on specific programming languages (including HTML & CSS, C#, SQL, and Java) or you can study more broadly and learn everything you need to get started in computer science, web development, mobile development, or web design.

5 Websites Where you Can Learn to Code for Free - Codecademy

Code Combat

Code Combat is an online problem-solving video game that promotes learning through play.

We’ve used Code Combat previously in our coding sessions, which helps you build your skills whilst having fun. It offers opportunities for students, parents, and teachers, and an exciting new way for young people to learn to code for free.

5 Websites Where you Can Learn to Code for Free - Code Combat

So what are you waiting for?

Start learning the basics of coding, develop existing skills, or learn a new programming language, to help you on your way to a development-related career.  

Thanks for reading! 

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