On 7 October 2019, Craig Dean will be stepping down as Chief Executive of Web Applications UK Ltd. 

In his announcement, Craig states, “It’s an end of an era, but the start of something new and exciting.”  Having gained 100% control of the Company earlier this year, Craig and his wife, Vivienne, are preparing to gift their entire shareholding to a form of Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”) in the coming months. 

The EOT will hold the shares on behalf of its employees, ensuring that everyone is working for each others’ benefit and continuing to promote the ethos that has come to characterise the organisation over the previous 20 years. Meanwhile, Craig and Vivienne will continue to advocate for the future success of the organisation and support the directors. 

Craig Kennedy, Managing Director, will be stepping up as Chief Executive to lead the Company into, what promises to be, an exciting future. He is joined in this by the remaining members of the board, Shaun Austin, Jeffrey Ng and Ian Munro.