2018 Highlights

With the end of 2018 vast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to look back on some of the highlights we’ve had throughout the year as Webbies;

Health and Well-being 

We’ve focused on improving the health and well-being of all our staff with the introduction of Employee Assistance Programmes and Health Cash Plans; whilst tackling impostor syndrome and stress in the workplace. This has encouraged us to look after each other better and has caused us to fundamentally change the way we do HR; with entirely new and innovative performance management procedures, including regular catch-ups and daily stand-ups to ensure that all benefit from a clear sense of purpose and a recognition of continuing mastery.  

Weekly Yoga has also been introduced on Monday lunch times, which has allowed some of its many benefits to be felt by large numbers of our staff. They include: Reduced Stress, Increased Focus, A Boost in Immunity and Improved Posture.  


The DevDecoder vodcast was launched in 2018, the aim for DevDecoder is to help new and experienced programmers approach development from a new direction, by understanding the motivations behind their decisions, focusing on “why” over the “what” and “how”.  

You can listen/watch Craig and Rebecca talk everything about tech, which also includes Rebecca’s fact of the week. They might also be a dad joke thrown in the mix at some point.  


We continue to be an event partner for Hac100, sponsoring Leeds Hack, StudentHack and being Headline Sponsors at Hack Manchester Junior and Hack Manchester.  

The Winners of Hack Manchester this year, “Time Travel”, are the first full women team to ever win a challenge at Hack Manchester. They really stood out to all head judges, with Craig stating how great it is to see women leading the way in the tech industry. 

We sponsored Manchester Girl Geeks 5th Bar Camp which is also known as an ‘un-conference’ – where attendees are encouraged to deliver an unplanned talk on a topic of their choice.  


2018 has possibly been our best year yet when it comes to award shortlists and wins. Our Junior Project Manager, Dominique, found herself shortlisted for Young Apprentice of the Year at the Insider Young Professionals’ Awards.

Our fantastic Admin team were up for Team of the Year at the Manchester PA Awards.

We have earned recognition for Contributing to the Community at the Business Masters awards 2018 and STEM Employer of the Year at the STEM Inspiration Awards.  

Craig was shortlisted for Leader of the Year at the Investors in People awards and won the Leadership Award at the Big Chip awards. In presenting Craig with the Leadership Award, Big Chip stated: “The values he has created in his organisation, his passion for the younger generation and how he has created a culture of learning and innovation is really fantastic.” 


Reminiscing on all the good events we’ve had this year? I am, we had the Summer BBQ in July and the sun was actually shining, beer pong and Wii games were the highlight.  

The Comedy Store had some questionable comedians, I think some of my jokes are better.  

And lastly, the awesome Christmas Party at Whitworth Art Gallery, with the Alice in wonderland theme (although some people did question the robotic dance moves).  

It’s been a year where picking the highlights came as a tough mission, and no doubt you have some ideas about ones I may have missed.  

We can’t wait for 2019 to get moving and to start making some more great moments. From everyone at Web Applications UK, have an excellent New Year.