Hack Manchester 2018

As keen supporters of the technology industry and hackathons in particular, Hack Manchester Junior and Hack Manchester took place last week as part of the Manchester Science Festival. We were once again, delighted to be headline sponsors alongside our event partnership with our friends at Hac100.

Winners of Best in Show by HEADLINE sponsor were….


Well done! o/

They each won a C64 mini!#HackMCR #MSF18 #HackMCRJNR @sim_manchester pic.twitter.com/HDhnVlN5nI

— Hack Manchester (@HackManchester) October 24, 2018

Being a headline Sponsor meant we got to judge over 100 teams that competed over the past week. When judging each submission, Craig likes to see a team working together who are passionate about their idea and improving their knowledge.

Craig was thoroughly impressed with the submissions this year quoting (again!) “The best Hack Manchester ever”.

As you may have seen in our previous blog post, our very own team (Network Fail) were on their way to Hack Manchester last weekend. They created a fantasy football-style application for the AND Digital challenge, which was to turn commuter misery into commuter delight. Their application earned you points based on the lateness of your train.

Lots of freebies were on offer for the attendees, which included t-shirts, sweets, booze, food and the list goes on. This year some of our merch included stress balls, mouse mats, and Devdecoder caps & t-shirts.

FREE STUFF – Our headline sponsors have upped their game with a massive amount of #merch this year. Caps, Tshirts, stickers, pens, stressballs – you name it, they have it #HackMCR #MSF18 pic.twitter.com/IOLOO0SzvX

— Hack Manchester (@HackManchester) October 27, 2018

The attendees at the award ceremony, hosted by our friend Gemma Cameron, were thrilled to see two Gemma’s on stage for a “cheese joke off”. Some amazing videos were shown with great laughter, and prizes were given out to the winners of each category. And as always, the night was lots of fun.

The shortlisted teams for Best in Show included Fallout, Team Mr Movie Bot and Time Travel.

With a hard choice to make Craig announced the winners (drum roll please);

Time Travel

Craig mentioned how this team were shortlisted last year for Best in Show and he’s proud that this year they have become well-deserved winners. In fact, they are the first full women team to ever win a challenge at Hack Manchester which is great to see that women are leading the way in the tech industry.

We were also delighted to see our friends from Hack Oldham be given a special prize from AND Digital. Who were so impressed with Hack Oldham’s work to help autistic people on transport, that they we’re given £100 to a charity of their choice.

A huge thank you goes to the organisers, volunteers and our fellow sponsors for helping to make this event happen – and we can’t wait for the next Hack Manchester to be the best one yet!

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