The Industrial Placement Experience

Every year, we take on paid industrial placement students for 12 months between the penultimate and final years of their undergraduate degrees. We look for Software Engineers that are passionate about learning and spreading knowledge, and whilst working here will cover responsibilities across the entire software development cycle. An industrial placement with us sets you up for a career in IT and will help you achieve the best possible grade in your final year.

Sadly, the time has arrived for us to say goodbye to two of our industrial placement students (IPs), Arnold and Salim who are heading back to University to complete their final year. So, we thought to ourselves, the best way to celebrate their time here with us would be to write a whole blog post about them! And thankfully, I am the lucky one that gets to write it.

Salim is Manchester born and bred, and currently studying at Manchester Metropolitan University; where he first heard about us. After discussing the company and the opportunities available at a careers fair, he further investigated us through our website and social media, liked what he saw, and applied for the position.

Arnold moved up North from London to work here for his industrial placement after discovering the opportunity online. He found the company ethos and culture appealing, so he eagerly applied – leaving his home to move 163 miles! If that isn’t dedication to his future and us as a company, then I don’t know what is!

The IP experience starts with being assigned a mentor and around two weeks of training, introducing the newbies to the company, travel industry, our products, the technology we use and more! Once they’ve completed their training weeks, they work in groups to complete a technical task before moving on to complete work for our clients.

New to the family, Salim and Arnold fondly remember being made to feel welcome by everyone from day one. The friendly atmosphere made asking questions easier and encouraged them both to come out of their shells. Their confidence communicating with their colleagues increased, as well as in their skills and themselves.

Throughout their time here, both placement students have had the chance to experience different roles within the company, working in all the different roles a software engineer would face. Arnold was incredibly appreciative of this, as he thinks that other placement students working in a different establishment may not have had the same opportunity. We have a saying of ‘one job, many roles’ and it is clearly one of the best attitudes to have.

One of the many elements of this placement is to participate in code clubs and hackathons, a volunteering opportunity that we focus on here, that allows you to give back to the community. Passing on the knowledge you have gained to others by encouraging the younger generation to code, spark a passion they may have, or even just making sure it would be the right career choice for them!

Leading on from that, A major benefit that we offer for Developers is Personal Development Time (PDT), where they have 3.5 hours on a Friday to focus on learning something new. This could be used to gain more training, experiment with new techniques of coding, gaining another qualification or many other things that will benefit your professional future.

Salim has previously written a blog post about this, where he explains how he knew very little about coding when he first started here, however thanks his experience here, he’s seen a large improvement in his skill-set. Arnold used his PDT time to revise and study for his Microsoft Certification following a suggestion from his line manager, Ian Munro, about how this would be for him. As a result, Arnold expressed that he believes PDT to be our most important benefit

Reading this you may think it’s all work, no play, however as a member of the marketing team, I can assure you that isn’t the case! We truly believe in having a healthy work/life balance, which is why we offer a myriad of social events. Salim mentioned about the board games night, ‘foodie’ evenings, badminton tournaments and the ‘legendary Christmas party’, which were not only a lot of fun, but were also key in building relationships amongst work colleagues.

Arnold and Salim couldn’t say enough about the benefits of this placement. When asked about the advice that they may give to someone that is looking to start a placement year and are considering us, they responded with ‘do it’. There is no denying that it is hard work; it will challenge you, push you out of your comfort zone and prepare you for life post university, but the skills and knowledge you gain is worth it.

Arnold and Salim have both been a great asset to the company and we are sad to see them go, but we wish them all the best in their future endeavours. We appreciate that they are ready to go back to university and get the final year of their courses out of the way. Good luck guys! We’d like to say farewell and wish the best of luck to one of our #IndustrialPlacement guys who will be leaving us today. Salim has spent the past year at here and will be missed greatly as he returns back to university for his final year #Leaver