The Unsung Heroes of Your Organisation

Let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t be nearly as organised, efficient or – honestly – successful if it weren’t for those administrative professionals in your team. Perhaps it’s because I’m one myself, or maybe because I have the pleasure of working alongside so many great ones, but in my experience, they’re the glue that holds everything together.

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, which has been celebrated in workplaces all over the world since 1952. Celebratory days like these can be dismissed as an easy way to avoid making the effort to show employees that they are appreciated all year round. Yet in a workplace like ours, that values all of its staff equally, these celebrations can be a good way of recognising and reaffirming the specific ways in which a particular team contributes. Today, we think it’s worth taking a look at how the profession has evolved and why admin teams deserve to see your gratitude every day.

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” — John W. Gardner

A good administrator possesses a skill set that encompasses a bit of everyone else’s within an office; they’re incredibly well-rounded and can step in at any given time when needed. But the best of them will have a personality rooted in striving for excellence. This drives the quality of their work output on a day-to-day basis, no matter the type of work they’re involved in. If they have that deep-seated desire to excel, whether the task is straightfoward or complex is not a factor; they will be driven to provide the best possible outcome.

Naturally stemming from this will be the outlook of putting the company first. Their concern is for the success of the company. While the successful fulfilment of individual job responsibilities will be important and not overlooked, the ability to see the bigger picture and communicate the ‘Why’ behind business decisions, over the ‘How’ and the ‘What’, is an incredible asset to have at your disposal. Your administrators can be your biggest supporters and can be a positive influence for change within your organisation.

This desire to exceed will often go hand in hand with a thirst for knowledge, and the need to grow and improve. As such, one of the strongest personality traits required from the best administrators is the impulse to seek out critique and feedback from those around them, be it leaders, colleagues, or even friends and family.

Administrative professionals have a constantly evolving remit, making use of an immense variety of skills. We now work in a landscape where some administrators are often considered an integral part of a leadership team.

As their day-to-day roles become more demanding and complex, they need to see your gratitude even more. Expressing appreciation for your administrative professionals, as well as your entire workforce, not only rewards staff for a job well done, but also aids in engaging your employees to serve your company’s best interests. It does not have to take a lot of time to show true appreciation to your administrative team. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “Thank You” to remind them that their work is vital to the success of the company. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” — William Arthur Ward.

Our team can be best summed up by the French phrase:

“esprit de corps”

This means a sense of unity, a feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the members of a group.

Each member of our team has strengths in different areas. Properly managed, teamwork maximises the strengths of its individuals, bringing out the best in each team member. As such, we complement each other and are able to provide a versatile service to our company.

We are one of the best companies in recognising the role of a good administrative team and showing their appreciation of it. From celebrating our contribution each Admin Professionals Day, the huge investment in training we each receive, to opportunities to attend corporate events and company socials, not to mention the daily words of encouragement. This was all topped off with Naomi and I recently receiving nominations for categories at the Robert Walters Manchester PA of the Year Awards. You would be hard pressed to find a company more invested in their admin staff! I encourage everyone to take the time to show gratitude to your admin team this Admin Professionals Day – and every other day too! Everyone likes to feel appreciated.

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