Hack Manchester Youth Hack 7 – Getting Strange

Calling all young hackers!

We’re asking you to turn Hack Manchester Youth Hack 7 upside down, with a simple challenge:

Do something strange.

You’ve seen us at these things before – our usual criteria looks to find the most innovative hack, the best examples of teamwork, the team that has learnt the most.

This time, we’ll only be asking one question:


unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain.
“children have some strange ideas”
not previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar or alien.

The team that creates the most unusual, mysterious, bizarre thing we see over the course of the weekend will win four of our prizes, namely:

BBC Micro:Bit Complete Starter Kit

1 x BBC Micro:Bit
1 x microB USB cable for power/programming
2 x AAA battery holder for mobile power
2 x AAA batteries
1 x Kitronik Inventor’s Kit for Micro:Bit

Your judge for the weekend will be our Chief Exec., and veteran hackathon judge, Craig Dean.

We can’t wait to see the weird and wonderful things you get up next weekend – see you there, hackers!

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