Take Advantage of Degree Apprenticeships

Every year we take on placement students, including those working over the Summer period and those taking a year out of their University degree. However, we also take on apprentices who are studying towards a relevant degree and want to gain experience in their chosen industry.

Dominique Ward-Marsh has been with us since February 2016, and works as a Junior Project Manager whilst studying towards her Digital & Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship at Manchester Metropolitan University – she has even been shortlisted for the Higher/Degree Level Apprentice of the Year at the Skills for Business Awards 2017!

What is it about a degree apprenticeship that stood out to you?

I feel like it’s such a good opportunity as I’m learning through both academia and a business environment. When I finish my degree, I’ll have gained 3 years’ experience working in my chosen sector, which I wouldn’t have got if I hadn’t taken the degree course. I’ll have also grown in the company and developed my skills. 

Are you enjoying your apprenticeship so far?

I really enjoy working here; I’m constantly gaining knowledge and growing, and there’s a strong belief in learning and development which I also share. My skills have expanded and everyone is supportive in helping me to progress. There’s an active social scene and something for everyone, and it’s great to get to know colleagues outside of a work environment and learn from each other.

What have you learnt so far whilst doing your apprenticeship?

I’m treated like a normal full-time employee. I’ve learnt how to work with customers, the systems, and there’s a strong emphasis on ‘one job, many roles’. I’m not just a Junior Project Manager; I also work in business analysis and account management, whilst having exposure to other sides of the business. It’s great to gain experience and knowledge in a business environment that I wouldn’t learn at University. Nowadays experience is everything, so coming out of University with three years’ experience working in your chosen career is ideal and I’d advise everyone to do it!

What would you say to people thinking about doing an apprenticeship?

Degree apprenticeships are giving young people the opportunity to gain experience in an industry as part of their degree, which means they have a higher chance of coming out of their degree with a job, or years of experience they wouldn’t have received if they hadn’t taken the apprenticeship. We now have three degree apprentices working here, all of them studying towards a relevant degree whilst also learning through a work environment. If you’re thinking about becoming a degree apprentice, I can’t recommend it enough!

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